Our Story

As physicians and medical providers, we went into healthcare to see and take care of patients. Unfortunately, we found that all too much time was devoted to non-patient related care. We wanted to change that and get back to connecting patients to the doctors who are best able to help them rather than the fragmented, haphazard medical care we have settled for today. To that end, we are a physician-founded, bootstrapped organization who has decided to stay away from venture capital so we can focus on our mission to stay true to patients and medical providers, not venture capitalists and advertisers.


Samant Virk, MD

Founder & CEO

After completing medical school, residency, fellowship and then entering private practice, Samant thought he was going to make a difference in his patients lives. He was sorely disappointed…

Randy Findley

Founder & CTO

With degrees in Electrical Engineering and a Masters in Computer Science, Randy has started and sold several companies of his own. After dealing with a chronic medical condition for many years, and frustrated by lack of care continuity, he was sorely disappointed…


StartUp Health

Healthcare Accelerator

StartUp Health is a new model for helping innovation succeed in the health sector. Part community, part Academy, and 1,000% passion, we provide health and wellness innovators with a structured curriculum designed to help navigate the unique challenges of building a sustainable growth business. StartUp Health was founded in 2011 by health tech entrepreneurs Steven Krein and Unity Stoakes and is Chaired by former Time Warner CEO Gerald Levin.

StartUp Health is based on a simple premise: the best way to improve healthcare in America is to provide health and wellness entrepreneurs with inspiration, education, and access to customers, capital, and other critical resources so that startups can innovate more quickly and build new solutions that will improve care and reduce out of control healthcare costs.

Harjeet Tagger

Partner at Y Combinator

Partner at Y Combinator. Previously founder of Auctomatic, a YC funded company acquired by Live Current Media.

Educated at Oxford University

Paul Heinzelmann, MD

Physician at MGH

Physician at Massachusetts General Hospital with active telehealth practice and Director Suffolk University Office of Counseling, Health and Wellness.

Gregg Alexander, DO

Pediatrician Entrepreneur

Practicing independent pediatrician; health technology advocate/consultant, writer, and entrepreneur; partner and Chief Medical Officer at Health Nuts Media.