EMR's - Efficiency vs Cost - Holding EMR's to Higher Standards

Samant Virk, MD


Ever hear of the 'Big Dig'?

It was the seemingly never ending highway/city reconstruction project in the city of Boston that took decades to complete and went over budget by ?? Billions of dollars. The modern day equivalent in medical care, is today's EMR's. Don't get me wrong, they have provided efficiency and facility. Overall, considering their cost and what you get in return it's just not a good deal. There are a few exceptions where they are getting it right (Athena).

If given the choice, I wouldn't pay for these solutions... unfortunately with the mandate, I don't have one... With EMR's I have not been able to reduce staff, reimbursements are not significantly increasing and I actually see less patients every day (http://www.physicianspractice.com/technology-survey/2016-technology-survey-results?GUID=A02FC29A-77E9-44ED-8B66-FA646A100BD8&rememberme=1&ts=12072016).

EMR companies know they have a cornered market which may be part of the reason they do a poor job at creating effective solutions. They also should be held to standards higher than they are currently. Maybe create standards of quality and efficiency to measure them by - sound familiar??