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Medical Diagnostic Tools Go Virtual on MediSprout

Samant Virk, MD


Medical Diagnostic Tools Go Virtual on MediSprout

When we began we chose the video option for communicating for several different reasons. One was because we did not think anyone did it as effectively as it could be done in the medical environment. Also because we believe that the essence of medical care is communication. We felt that by creating the simplest most versatile platform for medical communication that acted as a complement to what clinicians are already doing (rather than replacing what they are doing) we would be able to build a medium that medical providers wanted as opposed to one they are forced to live with (excuse us, but read about the history of EHR technology…). In that vane, we are happy to announce that we are deploying our diagnostic tools as additional features to our virtual care video communication solution. We have options to choose from such as a stethoscope, otoscope, dermascope, pulse oximetry, blood pressure and heart rate monitoring. While they are tied to specific devices at present, we are working to make this a device-free and mobile friendly feature. This means, we want all to be able to gather all this objective information through different smart phone and tablet apps, reiterating our mantra of keeping it simple yet versatile. As we deploy this, we will also be working on adding additional apps that many clinicians can use interactively with their patients to make their encounters more productive and engaging - more on that as we get closer!!