MediSprout adds Waiting Room

Randy Findley


We are happy to announce a new set of features. The primary feature being the waiting room. Doctors can now schedule back-to-back virtual visits without worrying about missed appointments due to delays.

New Features:

  • Waiting Room
  • Emergency Disclaimer
  • Patient Information
  • Payment
  • On-call Notifications
  • Advanced Scheduling
  • Improved Records
  • Provider and Named Rooms
  • Ability to transfer patients between rooms

Waiting Room

First lets talk about the waiting rooms. There are two types of rooms. Provider rooms and Named rooms. Each provider has his/her default room. Named rooms may be created to fulfill any use case the practice might have (like a triage room for on-boarding after hours calls). Each room can be configured to allow any of the following steps; Emergency Disclaimer, Patient Info, and Payment. Lets take a look at how each of these steps looks to the patient.

Emergency Disclaimer

The patient must agree that they are not have a life threatening event.

Capture Patient Info

Capture the patient info and history. This is then visible to the provider.

Capture Payment

The price is set by the practice and my be different for each room.

Waiting Room

The providers is notified via email or text message that they have a patient waiting. Once the provider initiates the visit both parties will be connected.

Providers Waiting Room

Here is what the provider sees when a patient enters his/her waiting room. This is the dashboard for the providers room. A list of active patients, waiting room patients, and scheduled patients are visible.

Scheduling Appointments

Appointments may be scheduled by the provider. In which case the patient and provider receive and email with a calendar invite directing them to join the visit at the appropriate time and day.

Appointments may also be on-demand. A provider may decide to publish his/her room online. Then direct patients to visit the waiting room at their convenience. MediSprout generates a widget for each room. This widget can be easily placed on the providers website or patient portal.

Example Room Widget

Randy's Demo Exam Room

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