MediSprout at the mHealth Summit

Samant Virk, MD


We are excited and privileged to be one of the Showcased companies at the mHealth Summit in Washington, DC next week!

mHealth is the world’s largest gathering of mobile health experts and professionals and as part of the Startup Showcase we will be highlighted among the most up and coming Healthcare Startups in the country. We look forward to displaying how we simply and easily connect patients to their most valuable health resource - their own Doctor with a seamless experience that takes the edge off medical visits while having options to use clinically intuitive tools and resources that create a more interactive and productive encounter. We want to show the world that medical visits don’t have to be cumbersome and intimidating - they should be comforting and easy! If you happen to be attending, stop by! We look forward to this forum where we can spread the word about the MediSprout experience every patient and physician should have.