Moving Beyond the Idea of Reimbursement

Samant Virk, MD


Whenever we speak to potential customers or clinicians the first question asked is 'how is this reimbursed?' While payors make great strides towards a more comprehensive reimbursement scheme (in more than two thirds of states legislation has already been passed that requires reimbursement or legislation is pending) there are very clear-cut reasons how adding a simple, cost-effective telehealth solution like only we can offer can create efficiency in your practice, help you see more patients, and maximize the non-telehealth reimbursements which adds up to a cost savings that can easily pay for adding a solution like MediSprout to your practice or healthcare organization.

  1. Most online video visits with patients that you already have a relationship with last 5 to 7 minutes. This allows you to see more patients during the day, which adds to your revenue.
  2. By keeping your level one and level two visits online, you can use your exam rooms for level three, four and five visits which have higher reimbursement. Thus, maximizing the efficiency of your exam room space and generating more revenue.
  3. You can monetize patient questions and care that you would typically provide on the telephone by turning it into a video visit for which patients will pay a nominal fee. The average clinician provides $25-$30,000 a year of uncompensated care. This is a way to retrieve these fees.
  4. MediSprout has capability for on-demand care. We can act as a video-based online answering service. Think about the thousands of dollars you could save in answering service fees by offering MediSprout online, on-demand connectivity to your practice. All for less than the cost of your cell phone bill.

So, with Medisprout you can move beyond the question of reimbursement and view telehealth from the angle of efficiency. And efficiency means money in your pocket. Logon and start seeing patients online today.