Option to Record and Store Virtual Medical Visits

Samant Virk, MD


Tearing Through the MediSprout Developmental Milestones - Option to Record and Store Virtual Medical Visits

As we continue to make progress attracting customers and partners we are also keeping our eyes on making sure we provide tools and features that are medically relevant while avoiding spending time on features that intellectually or technically are cool but have no bearing on the real world of medical practice (that’s what we view as one of our distinguishing features :) - knowing what clinicians want). In triaging our list of features for development, recording and storing video encounters/visits moved up on that list as we have customers who are requesting it. We have spent time on the HIPAA ramifications of doing this and should stress that it is created as an OPTION where we ensure that all parties are aware that it is recorded before doing so. In addition, the recording can only begin when all involved parties have given authorization. From the patient’s standpoint, it can serve to fortify compliance as they now have the visit to refer to if they do not recall specific recommendations. For the clinician, it could be a great refresher for a clinician who needs to refer to a prior encounter in order to determine how to adapt a treatment plan. While the ultimate utility will be determined by the market, we are happy to be the innovator for supplying this potentially practice-changing option.