San Antonio Spurs NBA Championship Victory

Samant Virk, MD


What Makes the San Antonio Spurs NBA Championship Victory So Special? (and why it matters to us...)

If anyone saw the NBA Championship series this year (the San Antonio Spurs won last night), taken by itself it didn’t stand out. Viewed in the context of of last year, where the same two teams faced each other in the finals, and the heart wrenching loss suffered by San Antonio, it turns into a story of persistence, commitment, resilience, teamwork and adaptation. The lessons learned and the inspiration garnered by watching a team led by the same coach, Greg Popovich, and the pillar of the team, Tim Duncan, who have been together for 17 years with the fabric of the team, Tony Parker (13 years) and Manu Ginobili (12 years) can be applied to many aspects of life, whether personal or business. While you can look at the Spurs from the wide angle lens of their 17 year consistency with 5 NBA Championships and (longest active) 17 years of consecutive playoff appearances, or last years resolve of a team at the nadir of a Championship loss who commits to the year long endeavor of redeeming themselves, their story is inspirational. While this latest win can be dissected from so many angles for the lessons it provides, one that is particularly poignant is the way they adjusted after the loss last year. After that loss there were many questions about the direction the Spurs would take in pursuing another winning season and possible championship run. While many felt that the team needed to be rebuilt from the ground up, they kept with their time-tested philosophy of adapting and maintaining the elements from the past that worked well and instead making needed changes to fortify their weaknesses - a lesson that has stood the test of time with the Spurs as they have won their 5th NBA Championship in 17 years. The backdrop of all of these lessons is the humility that has been another consistent theme of this organization from the coach down through all its players - admirable and amazing considering the world they and we live in. So why is this important to us?? It reminds us that we do not live in a bubble. The lessons that work in sports, music, business, family or any other venue in life where people gain respect and are successful all tie in together and share a common thread that we attempt to incorporate into what we do. In Healthcare, these lessons are equally if not more important - teamwork, persistence, commitment, resilience, adaptation and humility. Something we look to emulate and bring in our own little way to the fragmented world of medical care in this country. Congratulations and thank you to the Spurs for their NBA Championship victory and so much more.