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Samant Virk, MD


Transcript - Samant Virk, MD

Working as a Physician, while the world around us continues to rapidly evolve, the way I communicate with my Patients has not changed for generations.  Because effective communication in healthcare can be so impactful, we developed MediSprout - a flexible online video communication tool that is used by established Providers with their own Patients, promoting continuity of care.  Patients, from their end, will be able to utilize this to identify and communicate with local Healthcare Providers for a variety of needs.  While with this simple seamless video communication solution we are redefining the way Providers and their local patients connect, this is only where we begin.  Once connected, we are opening up a new world of healthcare delivery with interactive apps and tools that are used before, during or after the visit.   We envision a virtual component to every medical practice or facility powered by MediSprout.  Presently, we are setting up pilots at two organizations,  while discussing integrating with 5 potential channel partners. We are currently seeking channel partners and investors for our seed round.