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Add your App to MediSprout

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Add MediSprout to your App

MediSprout's secure video communication platform can be integrated directly into your existing healthcare IT application. Through the use of our API's and White-Label options you can transparently add a telehealth option with ease.


  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Systems
  • Patient Portals
  • Health Information Services
  • Provider Discovery Services
  • Concierge Medicine
  • Hospital Systems
  • Providers Office
  • Telepsychology
  • Wellness Care Services (Yoga, Physical Therapy, etc...)
  • Any other web or mobile based Healthcare IT system


  • HIPAA Compliant
  • SSL Encryption (Secure)
  • HD Video
  • Chat During Video Call
  • Video Call Record
  • White Labeling Option
  • iOS & Android
  • Works on All Browsers
  • Video Recording (optional)
  • Up to 25 participants per call


We would like to learn more about your specific use case. Please Contact Us for a custom quote.

Add your App to MediSprout

MediSprout wants to add your healthcare IT app to our ecosystem. Your app may be integrated into our platform before, during, and/or after the virtual medical visit.

If you have developed a great healthcare IT application and would like to add it to MediSprout please contact us.


  • Interactive apps for patient engagement
  • Tools for care coordination
  • Options for data collection
  • Clinical app integration before, during, and/or after virtual medical visit