Enterprise Grade Telehealth Platform


Making telehealth easy for patients and providers

MediSprout is opening a new world of medical connectivity for clinicians of all types to better connect with their patients. Whether you’re in a private group practice, hospital, urgent care center or any clinical environment, our solution can seamlessly integrate and create a monetized way of enhancing the care you currently provide to your patients. MediSprout has leveraged the VidyoWorksTM platform API’s to integrate interactive high definition video directly into the clinical workflow so healthcare delivery can adapt to the way both providers and patients live and work in today’s world.

Telemedicine and telehealth solutions powered by Vidyo are increasingly vital in a world where doctors are in short supply, costs are on the rise and communities lack access to care. Hospitals, urgent care centers and private practice physicians can visually connect their patients with healthcare professionals for everything from routine checkups and home health services to telestroke assessments and surgical consults.

The VidyoWorks platform powers the world’s leading collaboration solutions, including Google+ Hangouts, Philips Healthcare solutions, and Vidyo’s own branded video conferencing solutions. Supported by a highly-scalable architecture and featuring exclusive dynamic adaption technology, VidyoWorks solutions benefit from outstanding quality and exceptionally low operating costs whether deployed on premise in the cloud.

How it Works

The VidyoWorks integration with MediSprout provides a highly scalable, secure and robust telehealth solution to healthcare professionals.

Waiting Room

As patients arrive they are placed into a private, secure waiting room. Providers are able to meet with each patient as they progress through their day. Each waiting room has a customizable on-boarding process. Privacy and HIPAA disclaimer pages are available. Pages to capture patient information and payment are also available.

Virtual Exam Room

MediSprout utilizes VidyoWorks to provide a simple and secure virtual exam room. Participants can connect through their mobile device or desktop computer, as well as voice only audio.

Scheduled Visits

Visits may be scheduled and added to the provider’s calendar. Patients receive an email with the calendar invite and a one-click button to connect to start their appointment.

On-Demand Visits

MediSprout provides a widget that providers can add to their website or patient portal that allows patients on-demand access to care. Providers receive a text notification when a patient has arrived.


The automated reimbursement capability allows the provider to charge each patient that enters their waiting room with prices set by the provider for each room. Patients are prompted to enter their credit card information prior to the visit. After the visit is over the provider has the option to proceed with the transaction or to cancel it.

Enterprise Integration

MediSprout manages the Vidyo infrastructure for you. Integration with your existing information technology (EMR systems & Patient Portals) is seamless and easy.